About City Charter Schools

City Charter Schools is unlike other charter management organization.

Our schools provide an educational experience on par with the best schools in the country while emphasizing a mixed-socioeconomic, mixed-ethnicity student body that is truly reflective of Los Angeles. We create a supportive community of learners where students can express concerns and ask for help, develop character and lead. We believe if all students feel supported and safe, they will take greater academic risks and achieve more.

Our curriculum is constructivist, which means that we start from student interests, and use projects to allow students to explore those interests, and make meaning of new knowledge while building on what they already know and care about.  

Everything we do is driven by our three core values:

Educational Excellence  We engage every student in a child-centered, thoughtful, inspired education that challenges them to think critically, create, and problem-solve. Our curriculum is challenging and engaging. Learning begins with student interests and curiosity, and is deepened through meaningful inquiry, projects, and field experiences. We integrate arts, technology, social justice themes and literature to engage students in complex exploration of relevant topics. The result is students who love learning, and learn for life.

Diversity We build a caring and inclusive community of diverse families that celebrate differences and learn from each other. City is committed to maintaining true diversity among its students, faculty, and staff, whereby no single ethnic or income group is dominant. By bringing families together to learn, collaborate, and grow across lines of difference, we develop students who know their own identity and how it impacts their experiences, and who also develop understanding and empathy for the experiences of others. This understanding of self and other is key to our students’ ability to lead with compassion and a sense of justice. 

Community We harness the energy and voice of all of our partners through collective input, shared responsibility, and engagement to better serve our students. City Charter schools are born of the heart, vision and ingenuity of families and educators working together. At City Charter Schools, families have a voice and are actively engaged in supporting our success. The goal is for all of our diverse stakeholders to feel ownership and connection to student outcomes.